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rvTravelPal Recreational Vehical Software Tools For Motorhome, Fifth-Wheel And Travel Trailers
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In summary, the easy to use TravelPal software assistant can track actual/estimated RV motorhome, fifth-wheel and travel trailer axle load factors against the manufactures specifications. Also, it provides for the proper inflation pressure of RV tires based on actual/estimated loading against selected or current outside air temperatures. And, TravelPal can provide RV tire pressure operating range information; for correct high and low tire pressure alarm settings for tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS).
How safe are you and your family while traveling in your motorhome or towing your trailer?
• Do you really know if your RV is overloaded beyond its Gross Vehicle Weight Rating?
• Do you really know the actual Gross Combined Weight Rating of your motorhome and tow/toad vehicle?
• Do you really know the correct tire pressure needed to support your RV under current conditions?
• Do you know that front and rear motorhome tires may utilize different inflation pressures?
• Do you know that travel trailer tires are always inflated as marked on the tire sidewall?
• Do you know the tire pressure molded into the tire sidewall may not be right for your motorhome?
• Do you know that current air temperature is a factor to consider when inflating RV tires?
• Do you know what tire inflation pressure is needed to carry RV weight and cargo loads safely?
• Do you know what the minimum safe tire pressure is based on RV GVW and travel weather conditions?
• Do you really know how much extra weight in personal cargo has been added to your RV?
• Do you know how much actual weight is being supported by each RV vehicle axle?
• Do you know what High & Low tire pressure alarm points should be set into your TPMS Monitor?
The TravelPal software assistant was developed to help assure maximum travel safety for you and your family. Guessing at RV tire inflation pressures can be dangerous and needs to be considered carefully before committing to your travel plan. And remember, the amount of personal effects and other gear loaded aboard has limitations that directly affect RV tire pressure considerations and overall maximum motorhome or trailer weight factors. Overloading is still the #1 cause of RV accidents.

Some immediate benefit to utilizing a desktop or laptop PC and TravelPal software assistant to determine the information needed for you and your family to travel safer should be obvious:
• Less Possibility for RV Tire Failures
• Better RV Braking and Handling Capability
• Better Fuel Economy
• Increased RV Tire Life
By using the information provided by your RV manufacture (GVWR, GCWR, GAWR, UVW, etc.) and tire manufacture & tire sizing information for your motorhome, fifth-wheel or trailer; TravelPal can provide vital information needed to help assure safer travels, such as:
• Maximum Allowable Cargo Load
• Actual RV Gross Axle Loading
• Actual RV Gross Vehicle Weight
• Actual RV Tire Loading Safety Factors
• Minimum Safe RV Tire Pressures
• Proper RV Tire Inflation Pressures
• TPMS Monitor Alarm Hi and Lo Set Points